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19 08, 2014

A word from Jay Marroquin

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Where does one begin when introducing Jay Marroquin? I’ll just take a stab at it. Jay is an award-winning international fashion and portrait photographer.

15 08, 2014

Flickr Friday

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Greetings, everyone. Welcome to Friday–the best darn day of the week. Unless you work weekends, of course, then Fridays are just a tease.

Regardless of

14 08, 2014

Travel Photography with Scott Stulberg

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If you have eyes, you’ve most likely started at some of Scott Stulberg’s photography in amazement. He has a knack for making even the most reserved

13 08, 2014

Andrew Foord Exposure 6 Workflow Video

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Greetings, blog readers. You may recognize the name Andrew Foord. He is a regular guest on the blog, check out the articles he’s written, here.

Andrew is

12 08, 2014

Beauty Portrait Tip from David Mecey

By |August 12th, 2014|Fun, Photography, Tutorials|1 Comment

Blog frequenters may remember the awesomeness of David Mecey’s work from his appearances here, before. He’s back with a great tip for shooting beauty

11 08, 2014

Introducing Adam King

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Peeps–meet Adam King. Adam is first and foremost an artist. His mind is consumed with thoughts of photography, music, travel, and the like. Photography

8 08, 2014

Flickr Friday

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Yippee! You have officially entered into the awesome known as Friday. As usual, I have a mildly dorky comment about how Friday is great, then I

6 08, 2014

Jeff Ascough Webinar

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Hello ladies and gents, if you missed out on the fun of yesterday’s webinar with Jeff Ascough, don’t worry. We have you covered. Below

1 08, 2014

Flickr Friday

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Friday, we love you! You always bring us a renewed sense of vigor. It could be the weekly photo selections from the Flickr group, too. Whatever the case

30 07, 2014

Introducing Chay Bigger

By |July 30th, 2014|Fun, Photography|0 Comments

Here is a behind the lens look into the latest Photo of the Quarter award winner, Chay Bigger.

Chay earned a BFA with emphasis in photography,