bokeh 2


Creative Focus Examples

Creative Focus

See a variety of Bokeh’s capabilities used in combination to focus attention or change the mood of a scene. Results can be dramatic or so subtle that no one will know you enhanced the photo. You no longer need expensive specialized optics to achieve these looks.

Motion Examples


Simulate zooming or spinning through a long exposure, even though your original image was shot fast. Bokeh can even handle spiral motion which can’t be done with real lenses or even Photoshop as far as we know!

Creative Aperture Examples

Creative Aperture

Highlights are the most distinctive feature of out-of-focus areas. With Bokeh you have complete control over boosting highlights and reshaping them. Imitate expensive lenses are get creative with stars, sparkles, or even hearts!

Vignette Examples


Traditionally a vignette is the darkening at the edge of a photo caused by limitations of the lens. Bokeh simulates that perfectly, but also lets you go further with flexible shape, intensity, and bleaching controls. The results can dramatically alter the mood of a scene. 

Depth of Field Examples

Depth of Field

Bokeh can make backgrounds fade into the distance, as if you went from an f/22 aperture to f/2.8. Bokeh is even better than a real lens because you can change depth-of-field after the shot and choose which objects to blur. Just keep in mind that this effect requires a detailed selection.

Film Grain Examples

Film Grain

Bokeh 2 can simulate realistic film grain in the newly blurred region to match your original photo, making the result look perfectly natural.

Toy Model Look

Toy Model Look

Shooting a scene from high above with an expensive tilt-shift camera can make the subject look like a tiny toy model or train set. This look is quick and easy with Bokeh’s planar focus region.