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17 01, 2013

Hernan’s “75 Portraits” Boot Camp

Hernan Rodriguez has some upcoming 2-day lighting workshops. The first event, called “75 Portraits,” is scheduled for March 23rd – 24th. If you enjoy

7 12, 2012

Hernan Rodriguez

Hernan is a commercial and portrait photographer by trade. His work has been featured in trade publications such as Studio Photography, Rangefinder, and on the cover of Photoshop User.
26 06, 2012

Hernan’s Photo Bundle ad

One of our new Photo Bundle ads features a photo of Evander Holyfield by Hernan Rodriguez. Aside from being the photographer Hernan acted as

14 01, 2011

Hernan Rodriguez – Case Study

Jimmy I recently had the pleasure of getting to know Hernan Rodriguez, a commercial and portrait photographer who’s won more awards than you can shake […]

8 07, 2014

The Mirrorless Debate

Thinking of changing over to a mirrorless rig? Read the opinions of some of the top pros in the industry before you take the plunge.
29 05, 2014

Meet the Team — Matt King’s Second Photoshoot

If you haven’t read the first two parts of this series, check out Matt’s introduction article and his first shoot. I made plenty of

16 05, 2014

Meet the Team — Matt King’s Photoshoot

For those of you that don’t know, Alien Skin isn’t a huge place. There are less than a dozen of us on the team.

29 04, 2014

Exposure Examples

19 08, 2011

Snap Art Ad – Pencil Sketch

Below is a photo from Hernan Rodriguez used in our series of Snap Art ads. He used Exposure to help get the retro look.